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Complete Guide to the Dead Horse Point Yurts

If you are looking for a unique place to stay in the Moab area, look no further than the Dead Horse Point Yurts!  These permanent canvas tents are located on Dead Horse Point State Park, centrally located to both Arches and Canyonland National Parks.  In addition to the great location, they offer beautiful views, access to stunning scenery, and a great setup for six.  Continue on for all the details.

One of the Dead Horse Point Yurts, a light green round canvas tent with a wooden door and metal decking overlooks a canyon.
Enjoy canyon views directly from your yurt!

Dead Horse Point Yurts Location

In Moab

These yurts are located within the grounds of Dead Horse Point State Park.  The park is located about 40 minutes away from the entrance to Arches National Park.  The drive between the two parks is gorgeous.  We did this drive at night and were blown away by the scenery the next morning.  About 20 minutes in the opposite direction is the entrance to Canyonlands National Park’s Island in the Sky District.  The closest town is Moab, Utah, approximately 45 minutes away.

In the Park

Dead Horse Point State Park itself is exceptionally beautiful.  Within the park, you can enjoy scenic drives and hikes, including hikes leaving directly from the yurt campground.  There are two sets of yurts within the park.  They are:

  • Moenkopi: 
    • Yurts 1-5
    • Yurt 1 is ADA accessible
    • Peaceful location near the front entrance
    • Overlooks a canyon
  • Wingate Campground:
    • Yurts 6-9
    • Yurt 6 is ADA accessible
    • Located at one corner of Wingate Campground
A gravel road through varied green brush with a canyon of red walls in the background.
Epic landscapes on the road to the Moenkopi Yurts.

Why You Should Stay in the Dead Horse Point Yurts

Epic Setting

Dead Horse Point State Park is a fantastic place to explore.  To see where the park got its name, head to Dead Horse Point Overlook at the end of the main road.  There are multiple stories of where the name came from. The most commonly told is that the point was used as a corral for wild horses, some of whom were left to perish. The other is that the children in the family that purchased the land in the 1950s said they like the property on which they had seen a dead horse and thus it became known initially as Dead Horse Ranch. 

Dead Horse Point, a flat red rock plateau is surrounded by the green Colorado River making a U-shape around it.
The Colorado River wraps around Dead Horse Point.

Despite its history, the overlook is gorgeous and is a great sunset spot.  Similarly spectacular views can be found with minimal effort at the Visitors Center.  If you enjoy coffee, pick up a cup at the stand next to the gift shop and head to the balcony behind the gift shop to savor it with a view.  

Hiking trails abound at the park as well.  From the Moenkopi Yurts, guests can hop on a spur trail to check out Pyramid Canyon Overlook or connect to other trails in the park.  From this set of yurts, guests have incredible views of Pyramid Canyon.

View of Pyramid Canyon from Moenkopi group of Dead Horse Point Yurts.  Deck railing in the foreground, then brush, with the canyon in the distance.
Pyramid Canyon from the deck of Moenkopi Yurt #4.

Dark Sky Park

This location is an International Dark Sky Park.  This means that the International Dark Sky Association officially recognized it as a destination with minimal light pollution and optimal visibility to view the sky in its natural state without interference.  If you plan your visit to be during the new moon and Milky Way season, you may be able to see or capture photos of the Milky Way.   My friend and I visited during the new moon in October and were blown away by the night sky from our deck on Moenkopi Yurt 4.  The stars shimmered in every direction.  Incredibly, we could see the Milky Way with our naked eye but didn’t have the right photography gear to capture.  Learning astrophotography is one of my future goals!

Central Location

As noted earlier, this park has central access to Canyonlands NP, Arches NP, and Moab.  There is so much to do in this area.  If you’re looking for ideas, check out my blog on 8 Unique Things to do in Moab, Utah.  Canyonlands and Arches are also Dark Sky Parks.  If you are planning to check out these parks at night, being centrally located will be a huge help.  

Note:  In 2022, Arches NP is introducing a pilot program for a time-based entry program.  This will be in effect from April 3 to October 3, 2022  from 6 AM to 5 PM daily. Click here to learn more from the park’s website.

What to Expect During Your Stay


All Dead Horse Point Yurts sleep six.  They come with a futon that serves as a double bed and a bunk bed that is a queen-size bed below with a full-size bed above. Guest are responsible for bringing their own bedding.

Inside of one of the Dead Horse Point Yurts with a wooden dining table, a futon, a utility cart, and a side table with a lamp.
Inside of a yurt – dining table, utility cart, and futon. Not pictured: bunk bed (with queen and double beds).

All yurts have electrical outlets and heat/AC.  This is a recent upgrade.  During my stay, the Moenkopi Yurts did not have heat and it was exceptionally windy.  The yurt held up well but it was on the colder side for October.  It was a wear-all-the-layers kind of night.

Each campground has bathroom buildings with flush toilets.  There are no shower facilities in the park.  The bathroom has running water for brushing your teeth, etc. however you should bring your own drinking water.

Check-in is at 3 PM via an emailed code. Check-out is at noon. 

Dead Horse Point Yurts Rules

A list of rules are provided upon booking a reservation.  A few of the main points are:

  • Fires are restricted to designated fire pits (one per campsite) using firewood purchased at the park only.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 7 AM.
  • Pets are not permitted in the yurts.  Dogs working as service animals are authorized.
  • Smoking, cooking, and any open flame are prohibited within the yurt.
A large round canvas yurt with a wrap-around deck sits amongst the desert plants with a firepit by the steps.  An SUV is parked in the front on a gravel road.
Outside of Yurt #4, with firepit, and the road leading up to the secluded Moenkopi Yurts.

How to Make a Reservation

Reservations for yurts become available four months in advance at 8 AM MST. ReserveAmerica.com manages all reservations.  The reservation date is based on the first date of your stay.  I recommend checking which yurts are available in the days leading up to when you will be making our reservation as anyone who makes a reservation for a date earlier than yours may have reservations overlapping into your dates.  

Due to other existing reservations, there was only one Moenkopi yurt available when I was preparing to make my reservation.  I logged in right at 8 AM when reservations became available and grabbed the reservation for the last Moenkopi yurt.  Within a few hours, some of the Wingate Campground yurts were also reserved.  For me, logging in at 8 AM was crucial because I wanted to stay in the Moenkopi section due to the seclusion and proximity to the front gate.

A red rock canyon with clouds above that are speckled with purple sunset hues.
Sunset at Pyramid Canyon from the deck of Yurt #4.

Dead Horse Point Yurts Highlights

Conservation Considerations

  • All of the water provided in the park is delivered from Moab by truck.  Please be mindful of this and use water sparingly.
  • Biking and hiking (including hiking with dogs on a leash) are all permitted on park trails.  For the preservation of park resources and protection of wildlife, dogs must be kept on a leash less than six feet long and everyone must remain on the trail.

Expeditions with Evelyn Exclusives

In 2021, the park introduced mountain bike rentals and guided tours leaving from a trailhead close to the Moenkopi Yurts. Check out Moab Bike Rentals for the details. I’ve not tried it yet. If you try it, I’d love to hear how what you think!

A circular canvas yurt with a full deck is surrounded by desert greenery.
A peaceful evening at camp.

Dead Horse Point Yurts – Final Thoughts

Do you want to stay in these unique accommodations?  What other questions do you have?  If you’ve stayed here before, let me know your thoughts.

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